Women White Gloves

Having in the arsenal of original and colorful accessories, you can easily create a memorable and non-trivial bow. White gloves – impeccable accompaniment for publication or daily basic things. Not one century of their existence confirms this.

Women’s white gloves

The history of this piece of clothing began in the pre-Christian era. But pure innocent color always personified aristocracy and refinement. Previously, only representatives of the nobility could cover their delicate hands with a wardrobe item with this color scheme. To date, you can also decorate your image with such a delicate accessory. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on status and welfare.

Manufacturers are pleased with a wide range:

  1. Knitted white gloves are comfortable to wear daily for work, school or a walk.
  2. Lace – accompaniment exclusively for cocktail or evening dresses.
  3. Products made of fur or wool perfectly protect the hands of the fair sex from severe frosts.
  4. For stylish bows it is worth looking at interesting options from leather or suede.
women's white gloves

Beautiful white gloves

white gloves to dress

White leather gloves

Leather has several advantages over other materials. It is durable, keeps warm well and always looks elegant. White leather women’s gloves go perfectly with almost any item of clothing: a fur coat, coat, jacket or cloak. The same applies to the color scheme. Bows with a woolen or knitted dress, costume complete the subtle attribute. For such elegant bows select the option of medium length or elongated. Cropped are ideal for street style or casual.

white tall and short gloves

White gloves with decor

women's white gloves

White satin gloves

When a maximum level of solemnity is required, one cannot do without an atlas. The constant attribute of a wedding dress gives beauties grace and spirituality. White gloves to the dress are perfect, especially if the bridal outfit is also made of satin, in whole or in part. They are additionally decorated with lace inserts, buttons or beads.

White thin gloves – a great accompaniment to evening bows. They are perfectly combined with a dress of the same color. But no less advantageous look with clothing for the celebrations of the classic black or red tones. In addition, white gloves are suitable for a gray or blue dress. Do not forget about jewelry – watches or bracelets, large ring.

white satin gloves

White gloves for evening dress

white gloves above the elbow

White Lace Gloves

Romantic and feminine style can be complemented by bright detail – white gloves from openwork. Without any functional component, this element of the onion will easily become the final point, clearly stating your exclusivity and good taste. The lace accessory, in the same way as the satin one, is used as an addition to the evening look.

Fishnet white gloves are suitable for a dress of the same color. A mysterious look is inevitable if you use the contrast rule. Black outfit with light accessories looks stylish. Summer sundresses lacy accompaniment gives unearthly lightness and airiness. We must not forget about the most common use of openwork attributes – wedding dress.

fishnet white gloves

Long white gloves

White gloves above the elbow or at the level of this part of the body require careful selection of clothing. Ladies, who skillfully combine them with three-quarter-length clothes with short sleeves or without them, find good taste. Leather, fur or knitwear is worn with outerwear. White gloves are generally the most suitable addition to the winter look, they look perfect against the background of snowdrifts. A chic evening outfit with open shoulders suggests extremely white high gloves.

white high gloves

Images with white gloves

white gloves to dress

Short white gloves

A shortened piece of clothing is considered more versatile and democratic than strict and somewhat official long “brothers.” They can be a good accompaniment not only to a refined coat or an elegant coat, but also to an informal down jacket, and also to some things of a sporty style. The choice of white gloves material depends on the season and the whole ensemble in which you intend to go out.

On warm summer days, you can dilute your image with openwork accessories. In the offseason, white fleece gloves will hide the warmth of the hands from the piercing wind or cold raindrops, they are worn with sporty windbreakers and jackets. Leather – an option for more sophisticated bows. Autolady will be comfortable to drive in variations with cropped fingers. Products made of silk or satin are stored for publication.

white thin gloves

Elegant white gloves

white knitted and leather gloves

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