What can a woman eat for whitening ? If you want to be beautiful

In addition to maintaining good health, food can also help to maintain beauty , especially the following foods. It can quickly turn white, dilute skin melanin, make your skin white and clear, not much to say, hurry to see Look.

First, tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin P. These ingredients can promote metabolism, can dilute skin melanin to make dark spots fade, prevent pigmentation, quickly whiten spots, and eat tomatoes can lower cholesterol, protect liver and protect liver.

Second, spinach

Spinach contains a variety of micro-elements, can improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, to tell you a secret, spinach is a beauty to share, you can detoxifies the body of toxins from the body, in order to achieve the effect of whitening, women can eat anything white Blemish? It’s right to eat spinach.

Third, the potato

Potato has always been recognized as a beauty food. Potato slices are applied to the bags under the eyes. It can quickly eliminate the puffy bags and smooth the fine lines. The potato can also make the skin become more white and delicate when it is eaten into the stomach. It is like an unshelled egg. That way, the gloss is clear, and there is no need to worry about skin problems anymore.

Four, mushrooms

Mushrooms contain large amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, these ingredients are white important component of rejuvenation, white woman got to rely on vitamin D and vitamin C, can promote the body’s metabolism, eat more mushrooms but also slimming, with a weight loss of Efficacy, the beauty of the sister to eat quickly.

Five, yellow beans

Soybean contains a lot of genistein and isoflavones. These ingredients have antioxidant and anti-aging effects, can stimulate the body’s hormones, accelerate blood circulation, promote new and new, fast detoxification and whitening , effectively dilute skin melanin, color spots and various spots.

Six, eggs

Eggs are foods with high nutritional value. The rich protein in eggs can improve the body’s immunity, enhance the body’s body, and the lecithin contained in the eggs. It helps women to whiten the skin. Every day an egg makes you quickly white. Let you be the most beautiful woman.

Seven, oranges

What fruit can a woman eat whitening ? It is strongly recommended that you eat the ” beauty fruit” of the fruit industry – oranges, oranges are rich in vitamin VC, these ingredients have a strong whitening skin, dilute the effect of melanin, but also let you lose weight quickly , taste is even more One is good, how can people not love it?

The best whitening foods in word of mouth are these kinds of things, so start eating today, and the beauty action begins now.

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