Mirror powder for nails

Today, for girls there are plenty of ways to create their own original style, emphasizing the dignity of appearance. And the manicure is not in last place, because when meeting and meeting many people pay attention to the grooming and beauty of hands and nails. Those who follow fashion trends should pay attention to and try out the new product of this year – mirror powder for nail design. With this powder, you can create a spectacular shimmering mirror shine on the nails, which is achieved by containing pigments in it with a large number of photoparticles that reflect the rays of light. Mirror powder in jars for sale, usually complete with a special brush for application.

Mirror powder-gloss for nails is produced by various manufacturers in a wide range of color solutions: light gold, gold, silver, blue, red, purple, pink, black, brown, and more. etc. Separately it is necessary to highlight shades, chameleons, iridescent in different tones of green, blue, purple and pink. It is recommended to create mirror nails with the help of powder either on the basis of gel varnish without a sticky layer, or on the base varnish layer.

How to apply mirror powder on nails?

The technology of applying mirror powder for nail design is rather unusual, but not complicated, available even for beginners. In order to use this material in manicure at home, in addition to the mirror powder itself, it is necessary to prepare such means and tools:

  • UV lamp for manicure;
  • baf;
  • degreaser;
  • base coat;
  • gel polish for background;
  • sponge or brush for applying powder (silicone, foam rubber);
  • glossy top (finish) coating.

With regards to the background coating, which is best used as a gel polish, then in the classic version of the application of the mirror powder is applied a black tint. But for lovers of experiments in this case there are no restrictions: you can choose a variety of colors, ranging from white to bright neon colors.

Next, we will take a closer look at how to use the mirror powder for nails on your own, it is worth recalling that the first step towards creating such a catchy and unusual nail design should be a thorough manicure with the cuticle processing and filing of the edge part of the nail plates. And if the nails are enlarged, there should not be any irregularities on their surface.

Master class on applying mirror powder for nails

  1. After preparation of the cuticle and nails, we make the surface treatment of the nail plates with a buff and then a degreaser.
  2. Apply base coat (1 or 2 layer).
  3. After applying each layer of the base, we dry the nails in a UV lamp.
  4. We apply gel varnish. If it leaves a sticky layer, it must be removed with a clinser.
  5. We start to apply the mirror powder, for which you can use either a brush or a sponge (applicator), or simply do it with a finger pad. It should be noted that the latter method of application for many is the most convenient, because allows maximum control of pressure. Powder is applied by rubbing, massaging movements, quickly and evenly, without gaps.
  6. Excess powder glitter we brush with a soft brush (if, before applying the powder, to lay the surface of the table under your hands with clean paper, then the scattered surplus can be poured back into the powder jar).
  7. We put a layer of a finishing transparent glossy covering.
  8. Dry nails in the UV lamp. Fashionable mirror manicure is ready!

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