Manicure with a print: options for design

Beautiful, stylish manicure is what every girl aspires to. Due to the variety of types of design, you may encounter certain difficulties in the selection process. After all, it is important that the design of nails was an addition to the images. For this reason, we recommend to look at the manicure with different prints. We will tell about the most popular of them in today’s article.

Stylish manicure with animal print

Probably every fashionista knows that in 2019, the animal print has come back to fashion. It is used literally everywhere. First of all, we are talking about clothes and shoes. Also, you can often see accessories with this pattern. Of course, it touched fashion and the sphere of nail art. Implement such bold and bright ideas on the nails is much easier for many girls.

Leopard print

Perhaps the most popular animal design is a leopard print. This nail design just will not be ignored. But in order for a manicure to still look stylish, and not vulgar, it is better to decorate a few nails with a print. By the way, it can be applied not only in the form of a picture. Use stickers, stamping or slider design. In this case, the manicure will turn out no less spectacular.

Also note that a leopard manicure is often combined with a geometric pattern. Because of this, it turns out not too aggressive and is great for everyday life. In addition, you can do it in a variety of shades and their combination.

Neil-masters say that most often such a nail design is made by strong in spirit, self-confident girls and real women of fashion. It is for this reason that they choose a drawing that reflects their inner feelings and character traits.

Snake print

Among the variety of types of designs with animal print can be distinguished manicure with imitation of reptile skin. Unlike other options, it looks very unusual. It is best to do it on the nails of medium length.

Of course, the process of creating such a pattern is incredibly painstaking. Therefore, the master often spends much more time on this than on a single-color coating. At home, it is almost impossible to repeat it, especially for girls who do not have artistic skills. In this case, we recommend using a slider design. With it, you can make a realistic print on the nails.

Stylish animal print

If desired, you can depict on the nails and other animal paintings. For example, black and white lines, like imitation of zebra color – one of the most fashionable options this year. In addition, it can be combined with almost any shades of the main coating. Due to this, it turns out to be very universal for any season.

If you wish, you can make any other animal design on the nails. For example, tiger pattern looks no less impressive. So do not be afraid to experiment with a manicure and try for yourself something new, unusual.

Manicure with print peas

Lovers of the classics should look at the long-familiar print of peas. It is again relevant, as it emphasizes the tenderness and romance of the image of the modern woman of fashion. But in this case it is very important not to overload the manicure with details so that it does not look tasteless.

Romantic manicure with floral print

The most popular pattern for decorating nails – flowers. After all, absolutely every girl loves them. Therefore, one way or another, they are quite common in manicure.

Those who work in the office are better suited for minimalistic drawings in the form of buds, as well as thin twigs. Apply the design is only on a monochromatic coating in a neutral shade. Due to this combination, the manicure will look stylish, romantic, but at the same time concise. Thanks to this approach, marigolds look good not only with office but also with everyday bows.

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