How to wear simple and temperament in summer? These are comfortable and

This summer, I started to play a small temper and quietly stepped into our lives. On the street, all kinds of fairies with exposed arms and long legs were passing by, and the long legs of the screen were full of arrivals. Resist the summer! Let’s take a look at these simple wears in the summer!

1, chiffon retro wave skirt

The wave point element has always been the eternal trend . This chiffon retro polka-dot dress is really too beautiful to wear in summer. It is the most beautiful little fairy on this street! The v-neck straps and lantern sleeves are designed to be elegant and temperament. The high-waist version is super-long legs. It is light and elegant and romantic on the street. It is a girl with its own charm~

2, pink short sleeve + black skirt

This skirt is really the darling of the fairy fairy, not only not cheesy, but on the contrary it looks very clear and foreign, sweet and elegant pink, the girl is full, put the top into it, looks casual and cute, There will be no sense of procrastination, it seems neat, the skirt is lazy and knocks sweet, in the hot summer sun, full of a rotten atmosphere, breaking the dull o~

3, a word Polo collar lotus skirt

It is said that the impression of the grid is fresh and literary, and people will unconsciously want to get closer. The front is a single-row buckle style, generously dressed , and a small pocket on the chest, giving people a clean and pure impression. The skirt is romantic and the lotus leaf is full of femininity. The a-shape is also very thin. The girl who controls it is quick to pick up, and it can make the girl’s heart suddenly burst into the air~

4, solid color T-shirt + long section high waist wave dress

The wave point element is a long-lasting fashion . This polka-dot skirt has won my heart, fried chicken body, chiffon fabric, very comfortable to wear under the scorching sun, cold and cold touch, comfortable to wear in summer~ The upper body is very tall and thin, and the length of the leg is long. It is not to be worn by people. The first half of the life is matched with a short black t or a short t or other shirt of other colors, so that it can be beautifully out of the street!

5, yellow short-sleeved sweater + color wave skirt

This colorful polka-dot dress has a super layered feel, and the staggered color is super beautiful in the summer sun. The overall draping is very good and floating. The upper body is wearing a red short-sleeved knit sweater with a net red waist. Well, the fairy is born, I can think of any color in the color, very versatile, the wardrobe in the summer is to have this fresh style to light the daily ah~

6, camisole + wide leg pants
In the summer, wearing a set of fried chickens that are convenient and loved, go out, khaki generous and casual, low-key clean and not lack of personality, clothes with love embellishment, all at once look cute and playful, the jacket is tightly designed to prevent It’s also more reassuring when you wear it. The loose wide-leg pants are used to modify the lines of the legs. The girl’s playful feeling is full, and the freedom is comfortable and the girl’s joy is happy~

7, retro fairy skirt two-piece
This little skirt can be said to be very age-reducing. It can be so beautiful with a gray short-sleeved Tee. It doesn’t have to worry about how to match it, dating, seeing parents or going out everyday. The small pearl buttons on the front are very delicate. The overall style is simple and generous, comfortable and natural, and for the fleshy girls, it can cover the lack of the hips well~

8, green exposed waist t + wave point loose beam pants
Green, how can you lack the short t of this color in summer? All kinds of black and white gray t is not inevitable, it will be a little lacking. The design of this green waist is really very beautiful. I decided to tie the qiao straps to look good, with the black and white polka-dot loose pants, the return rate is properly high. Stretching the leg length of the vision, perfect and very comfortable ~

9, leaf print butterfly strap dress
This leaf skirt is very strong in summer. It is relatively fresh and natural. The fried chicken likes the feather that it wears on the body. It has a refined, fresh and natural atmosphere. The design of the back strap is free. The bow is full of agile and lifelike feelings. The a-line version reveals the slender part of the calf. The front is the style of the button-down shirt, full of literary art~

10, long short-sleeved t-shirt group + sequin strap
This pure black T-shirt skirt + sequined short vest, elegant temperament and not picky, high waist design lengthened the proportion of the legs, it is very long legs, the style of the round neck is simple, and then with the sequined short vest, The sense of hierarchy is enhanced at once, enriching the style, showing the fashionable atmosphere, and the small man can also easily control it. Don’t worry about fat, you can pick it up in summer~

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