Fashionable makeup : TOP-7 current trends

Fashion trends are set on the world’s catwalks, and often they are so catchy and arty that it is not possible to use them in everyday life. Nevertheless, one should not completely ignore the trends presented to us by world-famous stylists. It is only necessary to adapt the latest trends to your own unique style.

Competent selection of tools for creating make-up will allow you to embody the current bow that meets the latest trends in world fashion. It is worth noting that the makeup is the “magic wand” that helps to create unique and stylish images every day without a cardinal update of the entire wardrobe.

Makeup Trends: Update Cosmetic Bag

makeup can be described with just one statement – it seems that stylists and designers decided to collect in one season all the best that 60-90-s brought with them. Make-up artists without a shadow of a doubt offer to “try on” those trends that are considered the best practices of the past decades, diluting classical nude beauty trends with bright and bold experiments with rich and unpredictable shades of shadows and lipstick.

At the same time, makeup is characterized by exceptional variety. This season, the most natural make-up without bright accents and grunge make-up, in the style of a real predator in the urban jungle, are equally popular. In the trend of pink monochrome, graphic, sparkling metallic, sponge juicy berry-colored, and attracting a man to bestow them with kisses.

Fashion trends : make-up in natural tones

The trend for healthy, well-groomed skin will never exhaust itself. Now make-up artists are completely interested in naturalness and naturalness. At the same time, if earlier girls used numerous means to get absolutely matte skin of the face, then now you need to choose a remedy that will ultimately give the skin a moist finish shine.

Despite the simplicity of such makeup, its creation requires serious preparatory work. Pre-moisten the skin with nourishing creams and cleanse with tonics. At the same time regularly carry out cleansing with soft peels. When choosing a base tone for application, avoid products with a dense texture, which tend to emphasize wrinkles and imperfections. The best choice for a natural make-up will be light toning emulsions, CC creams, fluids, supplemented with a highlighter on the chin, cheekbones and back of the nose.

Makeup Trends: Summer in Nude Tones

Nude shades on a par with natural makeup – the choice that most girls prefer. The special chic of the season is a slight underlining of the skin with a bronzer, which will give you the look of a person who has just returned from the sunny beaches of the Caribbean islands.

Undoubtedly, a healthy and rested face can only be achieved by permanent skin care, so makeup artists recommend stocking up with translucent tinting agents with a wet effect. Among other means for creating nude makeup, it is worth noting the lengthening mascara and glossy lipstick of natural shades: beige, coffee, peach. Cheekbones shade matte blush.

Fashionable makeup 2018: wide arrows

The new ttrend in the field of make-up can be called aggressive and sexy shooters, striking in their appearance and width. In the trend of the liner green, brown, blue, classic black. In this case, the shape of the arrow has an extraordinary performance. The priority is simple single arrows, double lines, straight or elegantly curved towards the temples.

The arrow should be as rich and wide as possible, which gives expression to the look, and the whole image – exotic and uniqueness.

New trends in graphic makeup

Graphic makeup, catchy and concise, is worthy to stay with us another fashion season. On the world stage, models with make-up made in the form of yellow, pink, blue, green, coral smears around the eyes are increasingly appearing.

The most current trend is a contrasting combination of black and red. Of course, in everyday realities such make-up would hardly be appropriate, but if you go to a party, then you need such an eccentric and memorable image.


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