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Although many parents think that beautiful clothes and stylish haircuts for boys are more important to them than to the children themselves, in fact this is not at all the case.

Every boy wants to choose a beautiful wardrobe and stylish haircuts for boys, even if he is shy to say so directly.

Today at school, and even in the kindergarten, children are considering fashionable haircuts for boys, assessing the appearance of their little friends, and childishly commenting on this or that hairstyle.

And teenage haircuts for boys are generally a separate issue, because hairstyles for teenagers are chosen by future life leaders with great care, wishing not only to make a good impression on friends, but also to please girls.

If you caught your little son near the mirror, peering at his display, and ruffling his hair, be sure: the child wants to change something in his appearance, perhaps he is not happy with his hair, or wants to try trendy haircuts for boys, seen somewhere at school or in a magazine.

Caring moms and dads know that in this case you need to offer your favorite heir to choose stylish haircuts for boys, advise him your options, and confidently go with him to the beauty salon, where the hairdresser will create for him a new unique image and stylish image.

For those who are now in search of new ideas, how to cut a boy, we have created a huge collection of ultra fashionable solutions, where there are beautiful haircuts for boys 2018-2019 in various techniques, haircuts for boys of preschool children and junior school categories, as well as exclusive haircuts are presented for teenagers.

Haircuts for boys 2018-2019: trends, current trends, original solutions

Fashion moms know that haircuts for boys 2018-2019 today have a large selection of all sorts of trendy examples that will please the baby with any type, hair color, head shape, style of clothing.

Trends haircuts for boys to light negligence, repeating the beauty trend of adult fashion.

Haircuts for boys successfully imitate adult hairstyles, making the boys very stylish, and teen haircuts for boys are able to hide the naive age, bringing the appearance of a teenager closer to the appearance of an adult guy.

Haircuts for boys 2018-2019 will be able to most successfully emphasize the unusual personality and charisma of their owners, expressing the special inner beauty of the child.

We tried to collect trendy haircuts for boys 2-6, examples of haircuts for children 7-11 years, stylish haircuts for a boy 12-15 years, etc.

Agree, these categories are very conditional, because fashionable haircuts for boys, as a rule, are chosen on an individual basis, trying to please the guy as much as possible.

Stylists offer fashionable haircuts for boys 2018-2019, which are more detailed …

Ultra trendy haircuts for boys: Canadian – an undeniable trend 2018-2019

At the moment, at the peak of the popularity of the Canadian and its variation Quiff. Moreover, both the shortened and the elongated example are in great demand among younger schoolchildren and older guys.

What kind of haircuts for boys in the Canadian technique you choose depends on how well the guy is able to care for his hair, but remember that it is better to abandon this idea if the boy has an oval and elongated face shape.

The principle of this haircut for boys is that long strands are left on top, and the entire length is removed from below.

Canadian is an ideal platform for creating many hairstyles, because you can put your hair in different ways.

In addition, fashionable haircuts 2018-2019 Canadian will suit children of different ages, with straight and curly hair.

Thanks to the unique technique of haircut, the Canadian looks very neat, fashionable and will create a unique style for the boy.

Original and unusual haircuts for boys 2018-2019: patterns, drawings, stripes … whole pictures

The first option, of course, mega is popular, but haircuts for boys 2018-2019 with shaved patterns and drawings hold the leading position for many years under the line.

Just such creative haircuts for boys make a child incredibly stylish, and his image is memorable.

If you are not averse to creativity and experimentation, in our huge collection we presented unique haircuts for boys with shaved parts and drawings, which you certainly should offer your little son.

Note that haircuts for boys with shaved details will look less impressionable on light strands, the expressiveness of the pattern is lost. But on the dark hair visible even the smallest details.

Short and medium haircuts for boys 2018-2019

For comfort and practicality in the daily active life of the child should take into account short haircuts for boys 2018-2019.

Stylists are advised to make haircuts for boys of short length the smallest, because at the very smallest age there is no possibility to maintain a beautiful look of hairstyle in restless.

Depending on the type of hair, short haircuts for boys 2018-2019 at one or another age are realized by such fashionable trends as a cute hedgehog, a naughty beaver, a neat half-box. Complement short haircuts parted, or bangs of different shapes and lengths.

Often, mothers care about the baby so much that even the most creative and complex idea of ​​how to cut a boy does not frighten the keeper of the family hearth.

Such mothers are ready to prefer medium haircuts in the technique of a hat, gavroche, Caesar.

But for the most courageous hairdressers will offer hairstyles with contrasting transitions of length, original solutions with shaved parts that looks unmatched and unique on the child’s hair.

Stylish haircuts for teenagers 2018-2019: confidence, sense of style, an individual approach to the choice of hairstyle

Someone who, and trendy haircuts for teens are the most relevant. Understanding this fact, the masters offered the guys beautiful and stylish haircuts for teenagers in a wide range of techniques and variations.

Just at this age, haircuts for teenagers acquire the status of not just haircuts, but hairstyles, because the boys are ready to stand at the mirror for a long time, styling haircuts for teenagers, making them as successful, stylish and super effective as possible.

2018-2019 trendy haircuts for teens can be ultra short. These are the hairstyles chosen by active guys involved in sports, spending a lot of time in training.

But the guys with original thinking and a sense of style, and that is no secret, with a pretty appearance will prefer haircuts for boys 2018-2019 with graduation, torn and asymmetric texture, multi-level bangs and experiments with shaved details.

A few words about styling …

It would seem that haircuts for boys do not require special styling, but today, when the guys choose not only ultra short hair length, but are also ready to experiment with medium and long hair, styling is very important and necessary.

Fashion dictates its own rules of hair styling, highlighting such styling as a light mess, classic conciseness, easy chic, neatly laid out and calm hairstyles of medium hair, emphasizing the natural beauty of the strands.

Styling is welcomed in reasonable doses. With the permission of the parents, many boys are ready to try coloring their hair, which is very bold and extraordinary in adolescence.

If you have a small, growing up man at home, try to understand him, choosing for him both the most suitable style of clothing and the most successful hairstyle. Successes you in this!

Best ideas on how to cut a boy

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