Fashionable colors of jackets for spring and autumn

If in the past fashionable season, the leading positions among the trend colors of women’s jackets were saturated with lilac, mint, lemon and pink, then this year more restrained and deep tones prevail.

The list of the most fashionable colors of jackets of the year is as follows:

  • steel; mustard;
  • beige; caramel;
  • blue; sapphire;
  • Orange; purple;
  • white; Marsala;
  • emerald; turquoise;
  • chocolate; Bordeaux.

All these and other fashionable colors of jackets

The most fashionable colors of leather and suede jackets

Outerwear leather for women has long been out of fashion, as the skin is considered a classic. Simple modest models became actual for this fashion season. A simple cut designers decided to highlight using complex colors, such models will become a real hit of the spring-autumn season.

The most fashionable colors of leather jackets are:

“Dusty rose”, “rust”,

“Powder”, brick,

chocolate, the color of camel wool.

With such variants of leather outerwear, stylists recommend combining black pants and a jumper of the same color. It is on a dark background that they will be able to maximize themselves and reveal such smoothed colors. Leather jackets, made in these fashionable colors, were widely represented by fashion houses Neil Barrett, Christopher Kane, Diesel Black Gold.

However, despite the relevance of such a color scheme, most leather models are made in the classic versions – black and brown.

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